Zuckerberg Makes Cameo In Chinese Documentary

By webadmin on 11:52 am May 30, 2012
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Social media sites and blogs have lit up after viewers spotted a surprise cameo in a Chinese TV documentary about the country’s police force: Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and his now-wife, Priscilla Chan.

The documentary by CCTV was part of a series on the Chinese police and crime-solving methods. Footage of Zuckerberg and Chan walking behind two police officers was included in a brief clip posted online by the Hebei province satellite station.

The clip shows Zuckerberg looking at the back of the police officers and smiling broadly as the couple walks off-screen. As they are shown, the narrator says: “There is a serious shortage in China’s police manpower.”

It was not immediately known whether producers knowingly inserted Zuckerberg into the documentary. Facebook is blocked in China, a reflection of the leadership’s fear that citizens would organize outside of their control and enjoy unfettered access to information.