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By webadmin on 12:18 am Aug 28, 2009
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We asked: Who do you think gains the most from all of this political horse-trading?
You replied:

Hard to say at this point, but I don’t think it hurts the Democratic Party at all. A little horse-trading is to be expected. Anon

Online Comments:

Indonesian Political Parties Playing ‘Game’ Over Cabinet Posts

One begins to wonder exactly why there was an election at all? It seems that everybody ends up being in government to some degree. To those who look on at the various players, it does look awfully like there is no end to the lengths that power-hungry Indonesian “politicians” will go to get their noses into the trough. What a letdown for the ordinary people of Indonesia.
Peter R.

Malaysians Unwelcome At Local University The different between Indonesians and citizens of advanced democracies is that they’re still thinking with their heart, not with their brain. That’s why we’re still moving slowly in terms of reform. Being a patriot is the only hope after everything else fails.Wake up, Indonesia!

Outrage Over Stolen Pendet Dance Ends Up as a Misstep What’s most surprising and disappointing about this miscommunication isn’t the fact that Discover Channel inadvertently mistook one country’s culture for another, but that so many people seemed not to recognize the mistake for what it was. Look at the blogs, Web stories, newspaper headlines — even the editorials — and one can’t help but feel we’re living in a society as reactionary as they come. Perhaps our leadership needs to recognize the power of a rumor unaddressed and put into effect mechanisms to address citizens more quickly and directly. It’s not that SBY should have scheduled a live news conference to let the nation know when it’s missed the fine print, but certainly someone with authority could have found reason amid the rumor and encouraged others to see.
JC, Jakarta