Xiaxue Defends Her Actions Over Facebook Abuse

By webadmin on 12:44 pm Jun 06, 2012
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Stacey Chia – Straits Times

Singapore. Blogger Xiaxue is not letting the men who called her “stupid” and a “prostitute” online off just yet — at least not before one last blog entry.

Two weeks after she hit back against these men on her blog, she posted another entry on Monday, reproducing screen grabs of Facebook postings of her “haters.”

She took action when photos of her with her two friends were taken without permission and surfaced on the Facebook page of political website Temasek Review, with an invitation to caption them.

Commenters responded with derogatory remarks like “pretty and sexy girls, which part of Geylang they work?”

To get back at them, she trawled Facebook for their photos and information — much of which was public — and publicized them on her blog. She also posted pictures of them with their wives and children.

In her latest post, Xiaxue, 28, whose real name is Wendy Cheng, defended her actions in response to critics although she noted that 95 percent of the responses had been positive.

“Did they show consideration for my innocent loved ones? Or theirs for that matter?” she wrote. She received 528 likes on Facebook for the latest post as of last night.

She also addressed the point some made that she should not be a blogger if she could not tolerate criticism.

“Do not mistake fighting for your rights with the inability to withstand adversity. The two are not the same,” she said.

She told The Straits Times yesterday it will be her last entry on the issue. “I don’t need an apology, but I’m surprised none of them was man enough to ask me to remove the pictures of their wives and kids.”

One of the men, swim coach Lim Soon Chwee, 34, said last night he was not aware of and will not read her latest post. “I’m not interested in her anymore. In my opinion, this issue has come to a close for me.”

Reprinted courtesy of Straits Times