With Little Ado, Miyabi Arrives in Indonesian Theaters

By webadmin on 11:35 pm Nov 25, 2010
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Dessy Sagita 

Jakarta. In defiance of Islamic fundamentalists who vehemently opposed her presence, Japanese porn starlet Maria Ozawa — better known by her professional name, Miyabi — managed to shoot a film in Jakarta that hit theaters this week.

Ozawa, arguably the most popular adult video actress among Indonesians, stars in the movie “ Hantu Tanah Kusir ” (“Ghost of Tanah Kusir”), about the haunting of a public cemetery in South Jakarta.

It was quietly shot by Maxima Pictures in October and released on Wednesday.

Maxima producer Ody Mulya Hidayat said Ozawa had to change hotels four times, but only to avoid rabid fans. “Every night there was always somebody knocking on her door, asking for a photo opportunity,” he said.

Ody said many people recognized Ozawa soon after she arrived at Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, including several immigration officials who told her they were fans.

He added that there had been no threats from any of the hard-line Islamic groups that had earlier this year so publicly rejected the idea of Ozawa coming to Jakarta to film a comedy titled “Menculik Miyabi” (“Kidnapping Miyabi”).

That movie’s production was dogged by protests from Islamic conservatives, including the Indonesian Council of Ulema (MUI) and the hard-line Islamic Defenders Front (FPI).

Threats by the FPI forced Maxima to scrap plans to bring Ozawa to Jakarta for the shoot, and instead shoot her scenes in Japan.

Despite the guerilla-like conditions, Ody said the actress felt comfortable during her stay in Jakarta. “Miyabi said that her stay in Jakarta was surprisingly free of controversy. It was beyond her expectations,” he said.

“Hantu Tanah Kusir” is about a horse-cart driver, Jupri, who, in an attempt to improve his fortunes, goes to Tanah Kusir Cemetery where he accidentally swaps his cart with one owned by the cemetery’s resident ghost.

Ozawa plays a journalist named Pauline who is doing research on the history of horse-drawn carts in Jakarta.

Behind-the-scene footage from the shoot shows the actress wearing mainly tight shorts and tank tops, though in at least one scene in the movie she strips down to her bra and in another she is filmed topless from behind.

In another scene, she is wearing a traditional Indonesian kebaya.

Ody said that there were some “sexy scenes” in the movie, but that Ozawa had clearly stated she did not want to shoot any gratuitous sex scenes that were not relevant to the storyline.

“I want to prove everybody wrong, that putting Miyabi in a film doesn’t make [the movie] porn,” he said.

The movie also features Indonesian actors Zaky Zimah and Benu Buloe.