Wheelchair-Bound Hartati Arrives at KPK Office

By webadmin on 01:01 pm Sep 12, 2012
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Jakarta Globe

Tycoon and graft suspect Siti Hartati Cakra Murdaya Poo on Wednesday finally attended her interrogation session at the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) office. She was taken to the KPK by an ambulance and entered the building crying in a wheelchair.

“We came here directly from the hospital,” Hartati’s lawyer, Tumbur Simanjuntak told journalists. “We respect the KPK’s summons.”

However, Tumbur mentioned, it was unclear whether Hartati was in good enough health to last the entire investigation.

“Even though she’s sick, we came here along with her medicine,” Tumbur aid. “We’ll see how long she can stand [the questioning].”

Hartati was named a suspect by the KPK after allegedly ordering Rp 3 billion ($313,000) in kickbacks for Amran Batalipu, the head of Central Sulawesi’s Buol district, in exchange for land concessions for her oil palm plantation companies, Hardaya Inti Plantation and Cipta Cakra Murdaya.  Hartati claimed at first that it was only a donation, but later said that she was extorted by Amran.

She was supposed to be questioned last week but she was unable to attend, claiming that she was ill and hospitalized at Medistra hospital.

Tumbur commented that Hartati was actually unwell. She brought a doctor’s note along to prove it.

In the past, the KPK has placed suspects in detention after the first round of questioning.