West Jakarta Police Uncover International Drug Network

By webadmin on 08:44 pm Jun 19, 2012
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Bayu Marhaenjati

The West Jakarta Police have unraveled an international drug network that dealt in crystal methamphetamine or sabu-sabu, and ecstasy pills, an officer said on Tuesday.

The West Jakarta Police have arrested three men, identified as A.F. (31), H.P. (31) and S.N. (35) and confiscated 14 kilograms of sabu-sabu and 200,000 ecstasy pills, West Jakarta Police chief Sr. Comr. Suntana said.

“From our investigation, we tailed several people we suspected of being drug traffickers dealing in sabu-sabu and ecstasy. They were in the Cengkareng area of West Jakarta and we had to pursue them to North Jakarta and then arrest them,” Suntana said.

Only A.F. and H.P. were arrested that day, Monday, and they were found with 900 ecstasy pills and 50 grams of sabu-sabu.

Following questioning of the two, police went to Pademangan in North Jakarta and arrested S.N., confiscating the 14 kilograms of sabu-sabu and 200,000 ecstasy pills.

“It turns out they stored a large quantity of drugs at a place in Pademangan in North Jakarta. There we found the 200,000 ecstasy pills and 14 kilograms of sabu that were ready for distribution and sales,” he said.

Suntana said another suspect, a Malaysian national, was now being sought by police.

“From our initial questioning, it turns out they have an overseeing organization. A Malaysian national is now being sought and it can be said that this is an international network because there are foreigners. The goods came from China through the sea channel and were transported by land,” he said.

He said the drug was usually sold in the Kampung Ambon area in Cengkareng as well as other areas in and beyond Jakarta.

Suntana said the confiscated drugs had a street value of Rp 81 billion ($8.6 million).

“If monetized, an ecstasy pill fetches Rp 300,000, meaning in total Rp 60 billion. Sabu are sold for Rp 1.5 billion a kilogram and 14 kilograms means Rp 21 billion,” he said.

The three detainees could face between 20 years and the death sentence.

“We are detaining them and they will be faced with punishment of 20 years or more or even death, because the evidence confiscated was big,” he said.