Watatita: Shopping Malls Are Not the Appropriate Place for Bands

By webadmin on 12:05 pm Jun 04, 2012
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Alexia Cahyaningtyas

Have you ever decided to go to a shopping mall to meet a friend, or to do some monthly shopping, and you find yourself screaming at people because there’s a loud band playing inside the mall?

My brother and I went to a shopping mall for lunch last week. The atmosphere was great, the food was awesome… until we saw a person walked onto a stage and started tuning an electric guitar.

We both rolled our eyes and picked a different table that was located further from the stage. Not long after that, the band started playing at ultrasonic sound levels, and people started yelling and mouth-reading each other because the music was so loud.

It does get quite frustrating when you’re trying to answer a phone call, yet you have to run and find a quiet place to pick your phone up. It is also very annoying when you’re in a store trying to talk to the salesperson but you can’t hear each other.

When I visit a mall, I look for a good time. I like to chat over a cup of coffee with friends, I shop for something I need, and I also talk to salespeople about discounts. I also often see people hold company meetings and job interviews in malls.

If I want to listen to a loud band, I’d go to a concert or a bar instead. Malls don’t usually have the right acoustics for a loud band to perform, no matter how big and open the space is.

Some malls in Serpong, Tangerang already have the right idea. They built outdoor stages, special for bands to play. The bands can still be loud, but at least the sound doesn’t bounce all over the walls.

I do notice that Indonesians love noise. They would turn loud music inside a restaurant or a store to the point where I can’t even hear myself think. Wouldn’t the employees there have trouble taking orders or discussing something with customers?

I am aware that bands do obtain great exposure from performing in shopping malls, but unless there is a part of the mall which is built with the correct acoustics for a band to perform, please keep them outdoors. This will definitely help increase the comfort level inside the mall for the visitors. And please do understand that some elderly people don’t feel at ease with blasting loud music.