Watatita: How Social Media Changes Human Interaction… for the Worse

By webadmin on 10:38 am Jul 09, 2012
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Alexia Cahyaningtyas

live in an era where the Internet has become one of the biggest
necessities in our lives. With the development of smartphones and tablet
computers, social media are now almost always at our fingertips. A lot
of young people go on, say, Twitter every morning while their parents
read the newspaper.

do have Facebook and Twitter accounts, and they have helped me keep in
touch with friends I haven’t seen in so many years. Facebook helped me
reunite with a best friend in primary school who moved to the United
States when we were both in the sixth grade. It’s also the perfect
platform for me to promote my comics.

people, however, spend forever browsing social media, to the point
where they don’t know how to socialize with real people in real
situations anymore. I remember talking to a friend through the Facebook
chat box for hours. But when I met him in person, it was totally

downside of social media and all these cool gadgets is that they
decrease real human interaction. I remember seeing a father and a son
sitting on a bench in the middle of a shopping mall with their iPads
open, not talking to each other. It broke my heart a little just to
witness that.

mother would be upset if I answer a text message during meal time with
the family, because that’s the time when we share stories, talk,
interact and laugh with each other. In many homes, this kind of
interaction doesn’t happen much these days because many children would
rather run to their bedrooms and sit in front of their laptops or iPads,
play a game or set a new status on Facebook, instead of talk to their
parents about their day.

days, social media has turned many people into exhibitionists and
attention seekers. Many people have also blamed social media for love
affairs or failed marriages. 

you one of those people who take pictures of their meal and post it
online? Or are you the one who always posts sad or angry statuses on

do miss the times when things were simpler, yet at the same time I do
admit that these smartphones and gadgets help me a lot with work, life,
communication and even with financial matters. However, we all need to
know how to use these technological advancements wisely.