Vietnamese Man Arrested for Murder After Losing Bet on Football

By webadmin on 09:44 pm Jun 12, 2012
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Hanoi. Police in southern Vietnam have arrested a man on suspicion of robbing and stabbing to death another man to pay for his football gambling debts, authorities said Tuesday.

Tran Manh Luan, 23, was arrested for “murdering his friend to steal his money,” Dong Nai province police official Bui Thanh Son said.

Luan admitted pawning his motorbike so he could put down a bet that Spain would win a game against Italy on Sunday night, police said. The teams drew and Luan lost 1 million dong (48 dollars).

He went to stay overnight with a friend, and stabbed him as he slept to steal 3 million dong that was in house.

The victim attempted to flee but died at the gate, where he was seen by witnesses. Luan was arrested Monday morning and faces charges of aggravated murder, punishable by capital punishment, Son said.

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