University of Indonesia Lecturer Allegedly Killed by Nephew Seeking Revenge

By webadmin on 05:25 pm Apr 18, 2012
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The nephew of a senior University of Indonesia lecturer reportedly told journalists on Wednesday that he killed his aunt after she refused to loan him money he needed to pay for rent and for his children’s needs.

“She insulted me when I requested [she] lend me some money.
She also called other relatives of ours, telling them not to lend me any
money. I wanted to take revenge,” Siswoyo Utomo, 44, told journalists
on the sidelines of questioning at Tangerang Police headquarters, as
quoted by

Siswoyo allegedly walked into Suwantji Sisworahardjo’s Tangerang home with the intentions of robbing her. He told reporters that he tried to shock his 73-year-old aunt 3,800 kilo-volt stun gun to knock her unconscious. But when that didn’t work his attack escalated.

“I intentionally bought an electric shock gadget, only to make her
faint,” he said. “[But] because she remained conscious after repeated shocks, I strangled
her until she became weak.”

He then allegedly searched her house, stealing her jewelry and Rp 128,000 ($14) in cash.

Suwantji’s body was found by family members on Sunday.

She died from blunt force trauma, police said.

There were no signs of forced entry. Investigators suspected that the murder was committed by someone she knew.

Police arrested Siswoyo on Tuesday. He had the stun gun and 22 grams of jewelry in his possession.

A senior lecturer with UI’s School of Social Studies and
Politics, Suwantji lived alone in a house on Jalan
Kalpataru in Larangan, Tangerang.