UN Calls East Timor Election a Milestone

By webadmin on 08:47 am Apr 26, 2012
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United Nations. The UN Security Council is calling the presidential elections in East Timor “an important milestone for the consolidation of peace and security” in the newest and poorest nation in the Pacific.

A statement Wednesday from the UN’s most powerful body said the “peaceful, smooth and orderly” elections were “a reflection of the commitment of the people of East Timor to democracy and the rule of law.”

The Supreme Court of Appeal announced Monday that former guerrilla fighter Taur Matan Ruak, the former army chief, defeated another former guerrilla fighter, Francisco “Lu Olo” Guterres, in the April 16 runoff.

The council said it looked forward to parliamentary elections July 7.

East Timor voted overwhelmingly in 1999 to end 24 years of brutal Indonesian occupation that had left more than 170,000 dead.

Associated Press