Two Prosecutors Allegedly Caught Red-Handed in Extortion Plot

By webadmin on 10:03 pm Oct 10, 2012
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Ezra Sihite

Deputy Attorney General Darmono said on Wednesday that two of his prosecutors had been caught red-handed trying to extort money from a company in relation to a port project in East Kalimantan.

Darmono said the two prosecutors, identified only by their initials A. and A.F.P., were arrested at the Cilandak Town Square in South Jakarta on Monday, following a report from the company who claimed the prosecutors tried to extort them.

Darmono said an administrative staff member from the AGO, identified as S., was also arrested, with the arrests conducted by a supervision task force from the AGO.

The two prosecutors, together with a man identified as D.P., allegedly tried to extort Rp 2.5 billion ($261,000) from a businessman in order for his company to be able to keep the port project. D.P., allegedly a broker in the case, was subsequently arrested in the parking lot of the mall.

Darmono said the case began with D.P. obtaining data that could have proved that the company was involved in irregularities in the provision of goods and services in the port project. D.P. contacted S. who then contacted the two prosecutors.

The prosecutors then demanded money from the owner of the company in return for keeping quiet about the matter, but the company, identified only as B.I.M., reported the extortion to the deputy attorney general for supervision.

Darmono said that when the arrests were made, the businessman had only handed over a bag containing Rp 50 million as a cash advance.

Darmono said his office was preparing paperwork to formalize the temporary suspension of the two prosecutors.

“As with every prosecutor who is detained, they will be temporarily suspended,” Darmono said.

He said that the two prosecutors, the staff member and the other man, were now being questioned at the attorney general’s headquarters in South Jakarta.

“We will announce the results later, after the case is handed over to the deputy attorney general for special crimes who will conduct further investigations,” Darmono said.