Two Indonesian Anti-Corruption Judges Caught Red-Handed Receiving Bribes

By webadmin on 03:41 pm Aug 17, 2012
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Ezra Sihite

The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) caught two anti-corruption court judges red-handed as they were allegedly receiving bribes in the Central Java town of Semarang on Friday.

The two judges were identified only as K. M., a female judge with the Semarang Anti-Corruption Court, and H. K., a male judge with the Pontianak Anti-Corruption Court.

The judges were arrested while receiving at least Rp 100 million ($10,500) from an alleged middleman identified as S. D. in the parking lot of the Semarang District Court.

“We caught red-handed three persons [including S. D.] and are now questioning them,” KPK deputy chief Bambang Widjojanto said on Friday, adding that the KPK cooperated with the Supreme Court in making the arrest.

The bribery is allegedly related to an investigation into a graft case implicating a senior local official.

Supreme Court Deputy Chief Djoko Sarwoko said it would evaluate the work of the two anti-corruption courts following the arrest.

“This incident gives bad name to the institutions, the anti-corruption courts, while they’re actually tasked with heavy responsibilities,” Djoko said.