TV Presenter Olga Syahputra Condemned by Anti-Rape Activists

By webadmin on 01:26 pm Dec 16, 2011
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Awis Mranani

One of Indonesia’s most well-known television presenters, Olga Syahputra, has received a barrage of criticism after attempting to make a joke about rape during a live performance to mark Trans Corp’s birthday show on Thursday night.

Wulan Danoekoesoemo, one of the founders of Lentera Indonesia, a group for rape survivors, told the Jakarta Globe on Friday that a friend of the organization had reported Olga to the Indonesian Broadcasting Commission (KPI) for his offensive comments, which follow a number of high-profile rape cases in Jakarta.

“She is reporting our objection on Olga’s joke last night during the Trans Corp. birthday show,” referring to member Helga Worotitjan. “Remembering the recent rape cases — including with one case that took the life of [student] Livia Pavita Soelistio — the joke was simply inappropriate and insensitive.

“When the victims and the family members are still mourning, it must be very hurtful to have someone attempt to make a joke out of their tragedy.”

During the show of TransTV, Olga performed a segment of the show dressed as a ghost.

When asked how he had died, he answered: “It’s insignificant, I got raped by an angkot [public minivan] driver.”

His statement caused instant outrage on Twitter, including from Lentera, which tweeted: “RAPE IS NOT A JOKE.”

Lentera demanded Olga and Trans Corp. apologize to the public because the joke had caused negative reactions from a number of people.

“If they apologize that means they have shown good faith,” Wulan said.

“I think Trans Corp.’s creative team should be more selective in their content and TV presenters should be more mindful when making jokes because Olga’s joke was not smart at all.”