Trio of Foreign Footballers Say Indonesian Club Owes Six Months’ Pay

By webadmin on 05:57 pm Dec 07, 2012
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Three foreign footballers playing in an Indonesian league have complained of not having received six months worth of salary just a few days after Paraguayan striker Diego Mendieta died of illness after going without pay from his club for four months.

Abdoulaye Camara, who plays for Persipro Probolinggo, a team in the East Java town of Probolinggo, asked the Indonesian Professional Footballers Association (APPI) to assist him and teammates Syilla Mbamba and Salomon Begondo with the issue.

The nationalities of the three players are not yet clear, but they are reportedly from Africa.

“I received a text message from Camara. He said he had not received his salary for the past six months, and expected to be kicked out of the house he rents because he cannot pay the fees,” APPI general manager Valentino Simanjuntak told Indonesian news portal

Valentino showed journalists the text message, which read: “Good afternoon Bro, this is Camara. Sorry I have to send this message, hope you will save it, because I’m facing a threat to be kicked out of the house I rent with my wife and kid.

“The PSSI [Indonesian Football Association] has not offered any solution for me so that I can get my [pay]. Can you please keep this message as a memorandum of a sort for if I die or if something else happens… Thanks a lot.”

Valentino said APPI would help Camara pay his rent while demanding that the PSSI take responsibility for the players’ welfare. The PSSI manages the Indonesian Premier League, which hosts Persipro Probolinggo,

Camara, Mbamba and Begondo were reported in July begging for money in front of the Probolinggo city hall, presumably a short time after their first month without pay.

The 32-year-old Mendieta, who played for Persis Solo in the Central Java town of Solo, died on Monday evening, reportedly from viral and fungal infections that wouldn’t typically be fatal. He was owed four months’ salary, totaling about Rp 120 million ($12,500), and was unable to pay for medical treatment, nor fly home to his native Paraguay.

Persis Solo is part of the Indonesian Super League, which is managed by PSSI’s rival, the Indonesian Football Savior Committee (KPSI).

PSSI earlier slammed the KPSI for Mendieta’s death and its management of the league over which it presides.