Train Breakdown in Tanjung Barat Causes Morning Delays

By webadmin on 09:25 am Jun 07, 2012
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A train broke down near Tanjung Barat station on Thursday morning leaving hundreds of passengers crowded in stations and causing train delays from Bogor to Jakarta and vice versa.

“The traffic delay was caused by an economy class train. Its pantograph broke down near Tanjung Barat station (South Jakarta),” spokesman of railway operator Kereta Api Indonesia (KAI) Mateta Rizalulhaq said on Thursday.

A pantograph is an electric rod device that supplies electricity to the train from overhead electric lines.

“Our mechanic is repairing it, but it is not known how long it will take,” Mateta said.

He admitted the pantograph break down had caused dozens of train delays because there was only one track that could be used.

“We apologize to the passengers,” Mateta said. “We will try to fix it as soon as possible.”

Mateta said every station had announced the delay and suggested passengers use other modes of transportation.

“People who bought a ticket can get a refund,” he said.

Regardless of the advice, many people decided to wait for the repair. In Pondok Cina train station, Depok, many passengers were still waiting and were upset with KAI.

“Everyday we take the train and we pay for it,” Yanti, an employee of a bank located in Sudirman, Jakarta, said. “KAI should realize that and improve the service.”

Train break downs commonly happen in the morning when thousands of people head into Jakarta for work.