Toy Gun-Toting Shop Robber Inspired by Game: Police

By webadmin on 09:29 pm Aug 30, 2012
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Zaky Pawas

A young man claiming to be a Bina Nusantara University student was reportedly inspired by an online video game to rob a total of six convenience stores using a toy gun.

The Jakarta Police identified the man as Gendi Alfa Khassogi, a resident of Serpong, Tangerang, who lived with his middle-class parents in Bumi Serpong Damai housing complex. Serpong subdistrict police chief Comr. Nico Setiawan said Gendi gave conflicting testimonies, including pertaining to his status at the university, and investigators often found him rambling incoherently .

“He could be under the influence of drugs or have a genetic condition or have some kind of disease that causes him to be [mentally] unstable,” Nico said.

“First he said that [he robbed the stores] because his allowance was cut off, later he said he was inspired by the game Point Blank.”

Gendi, Nico said, was often spotted at an Internet cafe called 69, located in front of Eka Hospital. “He spent most of the day there; people started assuming he owned the place,” he said.

“To reporters, [Gendi] claimed to be a [Bina Nusantara] student, but according to his family he dropped out,” the officer continued.

Nico said police would cross-check with the university to clarify his status, in addition to testing him for drugs. “A urine test has been conducted, but the results are not out yet,” he said.

Nico said regardless of the suspect’s mental state and other factors, police had charged Gendi with robbery using violence.

Jakarta Police spokesman Sr. Comr. Rikwanto said Gendi robbed six convenience stores in Serpong and Tangerang city, collecting as much as Rp 3.45 million ($360) in total.

In his hold-ups, Gendi used a half-face respirator mask as well as a toy gun to scare off his victims.

“He never hurt his victims, just scared them off,” Rikwanto said, adding that Gendi never targeted the stores’ safes. “He was stealing [money] from the cash register and what was visible to his eyes.”

Gendi did little to cover his tracks, arriving at the stores using his parents’ blue Toyota Vios sedan or a motorcycle, the license plates of which were easily traced by police.

“Witnesses also provided the same description [of Gendi]. We can confirm it was him [who robbed the stores],” Rikwanto said.

Gendi was arrested on Tuesday at BSD Square shopping mall as he was going out with his girlfriend. “[The girlfriend] wasn’t involved. She doesn’t know anything,” Rikwanto said.