Tired Customs Officer Misses 351 Kilograms of Crystal Meth in Port Inspection

By webadmin on 10:31 am Jun 08, 2012
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A customs and excise officer at Tanjung Priok port admitted to police that he was tired when he carelessly skipped over a container with 351 kilograms of crystal methamphetamine inside.

“Joy (Aryanto) confessed that he was too tired when checking the boxes containing Arowana fish food and [he was] constrained by time,” Jakarta Police spokesman Sr. Comr. Rikwanto said on Thursday night.

Joy randomly checked 300 boxes which claimed to only contain Arowana fish food. He did not comply with the regulation to check at least 10 percent of the boxes.

Rikwanto said he would seek an explanation from other customs and excise officers as to how the crystal meth managed to pass through the security check.

Police had questioned customs and excise officers Budi Sulistyo and Tri Baroto who checked the import document, and Joy Aryanto who searched the boxes.

The police had earlier managed to stop the distribution of the 351 kilograms of crystal meth and arrested five suspects, with the initials of A.K., D.R., M.W. alias A, a Malaysian E.W.H. alias J and the importer P.T.R. in Jakarta and greater Jakarta.

The crystal meth, worth approximately Rp 702 billion ($75 million), was about to be distributed in several big cities including, Jakarta, Medan, Bandung, Surabaya and Manado.

One of the suspects confessed that they smuggled the drugs in from China through Malaysia before entering Tanjung Priok, in North Jakarta.

Rikwanto said the police would investigate the possible cooperation between the suspects and the customs and excise officials because E.W.H. admitted to paying below normal import duties.