Three Women Arrested for Alleged Murder of Pregnant Friend in Depok

By webadmin on 09:35 pm Jun 15, 2012
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Vento Saudale

Depok. Police on Friday arrested three women for allegedly murdering a five-month pregnant “friend” of theirs, whose dead body was found in a garbage dump site in Depok on Tuesday.

Depok Police chief Sr. Comr Mulyadi Kahari said the three women allegedly murdered Titi Mujarwati, 29, because they were jealous of her, citing her many boyfriends. Titi was a door-to-door saleswoman of household equipment.

The three women are Dela Andriani, 27, Nur Laila, 18, and Nia Kurniati, 20. They were arrested at 5:30 a.m. on Friday, Mulyadi said. He did not mention where the arrest was made.

Mulyadi said the three were Titi’s friends, and that Dela was upset because her boyfriend allegedly had had an affair with Titi, who should have had her wedding with another man on June 17.

“The perpetrators were jealous because Titi had many boyfriends. They choked the victim to death using a one-meter long cable. The cable was then dumped into the Cilodong river. They also took her belongings and money,” Mulyadi said.

He said Titi’s dead body was then dumped at a garbage dumping site in Cilodong, Depok. The body, according to media reports, was found with bruises on the face and choking marks around the neck.

Police have seized Rp 20 million ($2,140) in cash, some jewelry believed to have belonged to Titi and a motorcycle owned by one of the perpetrators as evidence.

Mulyadi added Dela was indebted to the victim, and was also angry with her because Titi often spoke to her rudely while trying to collect the money.

“I felt vengeful toward Titi because the victim took away my boyfriend. And I was also upset with her because she always spoke to me using harsh words when she demanded that I return her money,” Dela told the press on the sidelines of her questioning at the Depok Police headquarters.

She said she had planned the murder.

“When she again demanded that I return her money on Monday afternoon [June 11], I started setting out a plan to murder her. I hate her because she flaunted her money in front of me,” Dela said. “But now I regret [what I’ve done]. I’m ashamed.”

Mulyadi said Dela was facing a life sentence or even death row because she had allegedly abused Article 340 of the Criminal Code, which rules on premeditated murders.