Three Malaysian Police Officers Released on Bail Amid Migrant Worker Rape Case

By webadmin on 12:44 pm Nov 17, 2012
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Jakarta Globe

The three policeman who allegedly raped an Indonesian migrant worker in Prai, Negeri Pulau Penang, have been released on 25,000 ringgit bail.

According to Nabishah Ibrahim, a judge with the Pulau Penang state court, the trio must report back to police regularly while awaiting their formal hearing, which is scheduled to take place Dec. 12, 2012.

The Indonesian embassy expressed disappointment with the decision to discharge the officers.

“Of course [we’re] disappointed, but we cannot intervene in the judge’s decision,” Mulya Wirana, the Indonesian deputy ambassador to Malaysia, said on Friday night, as quoted by

Mulya stated that the Indonesian consulate general in Penang has prepared a lawyer to defend the migrant worker.

The victim, a 25-year old Indonesian woman identified as S.M., told Suryana Sastradiredja, an official from the Indonesian Embassy in Malaysia, that she was about to go home with her boyfriend when three police officers demanded that she present her immigration documents.

S.M. showed her passport, but was not in possession of a working permit or a temporary residence permit, though she had been in Malaysia since 2011. The policemen then brought her to police station, where they allegedly took turns raping her.

“After committing the rape, they drove [me] back to my residence at Taman Indrawasih in a police car and threatened me. They demanded me to not disclose the incident,” S.M. said. She later reported the case to the Malaysian Chinese Association party, who then broke the story to the media.