Three Held After Violent Clash Between Rival Groups

By webadmin on 09:34 am Feb 15, 2013
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Bayu Marhaenjati

Police have arrested and charged three people over a clash that broke out in the early hours of Wednesday in Depok between two mass organizations notorious for their gang-related activities.

The brawl on Jalan Pitara in Depok’s Pancoran Mas subdistrict was reportedly sparked by a dispute over control of local parking zones, and pitted members of the Pemuda Pancasila against their rivals from the Betawi Brotherhood Forum (FBR).

Two people were severely injured in the incident, which also saw the groups vandalize two motorcycles before the police arrived to break up the fighting.

Sr. Comr. Rikwanto, a spokesman for the Jakarta Police, said on Thursday that 24 people were arrested in connection to the brawl, but most were released soon after with a warning.

“We’re still holding three people and we’re charging them as suspects because they were proven to have used bladed weapons during the incident,” he said.

“We’re still questioning them to find out which groups they are from.”

He added that after breaking up the brawl and making the initial arrests, local police had beefed up their patrols in the area in anticipation of more brawls.

Pemuda Pancasila and the FBR have frequently clashed in the past, mostly over turf control.

In June last year, tensions came to a head when an FBR official was killed at one of the group’s offices in Ciputat, Tangerang, by a PP mob. The incident prompted a spate of retaliatory attacks by the FBR against PP members and sympathizers.

Both groups are notorious for running protection rackets in neighborhoods over which they claim control, and are frequently used by politicians to draw large crowds to rallies or protests.