Three Arrested Over Fatal Stabbing of FBR Chief in Tangerang

By webadmin on 02:04 pm Jun 28, 2012
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Tangerang Police arrested three members of Pemuda Pancasila on Thursday in connection with yesterday’s deadly attack on the hard-line Betawi Brotherhood Forum’s (FBR) headquarters.

Three men, Surono, Endi Yunus and Syamsudin, were rounded up in a raid after they reportedly supplied the machetes used to fatally slash FBR head Muhidin, Tangerang police chief Sr. Comr. Wahyu Widada told the Indonesian news site on Thursday.

“We’re not arresting the whole organization,” Wahyu said. “Just the people who carried sharp weapons.”

The police chief did not directly mention the nationalistic group Pemuda Pancasila, but the three men were rounded up at local Pemuda Pancasil head Lurah Muslim’s house in Ciledug, Tangerang.

A mob of approximately 50 men attacked the FBR’s headquarters in Tangerang at 12:30 Wednesday morning, police said. Muhidin fought back, but died after being repeatedly cut.

The hard-line organization reportedly staged a series of retaliatory attacks on alleged Pemuda Pancasila members.

FBR members allegedly stormed the house of Tangerang legislative council member Karnadi’s house early Wednesday morning, the legislator told Hundreds of FBR members reportedly armed with molotov cocktails and weapons showed up at Karnadi’s house. He was able to escape through the home’s front door.

But his vehicles weren’t able to emerge from the incident unscathed.

“They went in through back gate, burned my Suzuki Escudo car, my Volvo car and my Kaisar motorcycle,” Karnadi said. “I recognized them as FBR members by their uniform.”

Karnadi is currently in police custody.

A mob of alleged FBR members also attacked two motorcyclists whose bikes had Pemuda Pancasila stickers on them. The men were passing by the Villa Dago, in Ciputat, Tangerang, when they were stabbed and beaten.

One man, Sulistyawan, suffered wounds to both of his hands while the other rider, Zaki, was bruised, police said.

Both were taken to Putra Delima hospital, in South Tangerang, for treatment.

The mob also pelted a parked car with stones, breaking its windshield, police said.