Three Animals in Infamous Surabaya Zoo in Critical Condition

By webadmin on 02:22 pm Sep 29, 2012
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Jakarta Globe

Surabaya. Three animals in the notorious Surabaya Zoo are in critical condition and currently undergoing intensive medical treatments, an officer with the zoo has said.

Anthan Warsito, the spokesman of the zoo, said the three animals were a 14-year-old American grizzly bear called Beno, a 24-year-old babirusa and a Sumatran tiger.

“The grizzly bear has been suffering from skin tumor since 2010,” Anthan said in Surabaya on Saturday.

The aging babirusa’s health has been deteriorating and is often ill, while the Sumatran tiger is suffering from a digestive problem, Anthan explained.

He admitted many animals in the zoo were in poor health condition, suffering from diseases, as 20 percent of the zoo’s inhabitants were over 20 years old.

Anthan said the aging and ailing animals were no longer fit for display, but the zoo would not opt euthanasia for them, hoping they would somehow survive.

“The aging animals, including some camels, elephants and deer, surely need more attention,” Anthan said, as quoted by the Indonesian news portal

The zoo, reportedly Indonesia’s largest, has become notorious since Antara news agency reported that it had turned into a “place of horror” and “death camp” for animals. A zoo officer said in March some 500 animals died there between 2010 and 2011.

In March, the zoo’s last remaining giraffe was found dead with a 20-kilogram ball of plastic in its stomach, believed to have formed from years of visitors throwing food wrappers into the pen.

Before that, a critically endangered Sumatran tiger died at the zoo and three baby Komodo dragons that disappeared were believed to have been stolen and sold on the black market.

The notoriety of the zoo has drawn the attention of British singer Morrissey, who in May called on the Indonesian government to immediately shut it down.

  • carer of the mistreated

    what is the Government waiting for?
    Why have they NOT immediately stopped this horrific management and disregard for the welfare of the zoo animals.
    NO excuse can cover the atrocities happening. Why are people NOT employed to clean up visitors mess 24 hours/day?
    Why is this Govt SO backward to allow such conditions is this SO called modern world of politics .Advancing the caring and regard for animals throughout the world must begin with education and respect for fellow creatures on this earth regardless of religion culture.
    Money speaks loudly BUT can you hear the animals anquish and unnecessary suffering.
    I can and I live in Australia and will NEVER visit this barbaric country until these problems are rectified forthwith. You must be SO ashamed people of Indonesia!

    • Rustynails

      Well you were doing ok until “I can and I live in Australia and will NEVER visit this barbaric country until these problems are rectified forthwith” I have some bad news, who cares if you visit or not.

  • Botak

    Every few month we read some news about dead, missing and sick animals at the Surabaya Zoo.

    But we never read anything about the government doing something against it. Is it again a lot of talk but no action?

    But anyway who wonders, if a human live here is only 1200 US$ worth (Hatta’s son blood money), how much will be an animal live worth? Nothing.

    Where does these people learn their sense of responsibility and moral?