Third Book Bomb Was Sent to Youth Organization Leader

By webadmin on 01:03 pm Mar 16, 2011
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Jakarta Globe

A bomb package was sent to Yapto Suryosumarno, chairman of the Pemuda Pancasila [Pancasila Youth] organization, on Tuesday night, the third such bomb package reported since yesterday. 

Yapto reported the bomb to the Jakarta Police at 9 p.m. The bomb was later defused by the police bomb squad.

 It is still unknown whether this bomb was directly connected to the two other bomb packages discovered in Jakarta yesterday.

The first, sent to Liberal Islamic Network co-founder Ulil Abshar Abdalla in Utan Kayu, East Jakarta, aroused suspicion and was reported to the police. But police officers attempting to defuse the bomb accidentally detonated it, causing one officer to lose his hand. Two other officers escaped serious injury.

The second package was addressed to Comr. Gen. Gories Mere, a former key officer of the National Police’s elite counterterrorism unit, Densus 88.

The third bomb, sent to Yapto, was hidden inside a book titled “Masih Adakah Pancasila?” (“Does Pancasila Still Exist?”), Jakarta Police spokesman Sr. Comr. Baharuddin Jafar said. The books sent to Ulil and Gories were titled “They Deserved to Be Killed: Because of Their Sins to Islam and Muslims.”

Jakarta Police Chief Insp. Gen. Sutarman said the bomb packages targeted people who love reading.

“This is not a new modus operandi because, in the past, there were bombs hidden inside parcels for Idul Fitri and Christmas,” Sutarman said on Wednesday.

“They can tell that their targets love reading, hence books were sent. When targets open the book, the bomb will explode,” he said.

According to Sutarman, the bombs were all part of a well-planned terror attack.

“The terrorists must have studied their targets first and we will reveal who they are through our investigation,” he said.