Ten Bali Hotels Investigated for Alleged Tax Evasion

By webadmin on 04:35 pm Jan 09, 2013
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Made Arya Kencana

Denpasar. The Denpasar Prosecutors’ Office said on Wednesday that it was investigating 10 star-rated hotels in Bali allegedly involved in several tax evasion cases worth billions of rupiah.

Office chief Freddy Runtu said investigators were currently questioning the management of four hotels, namely the Ocean Blue Hotel, which is allegedly involved in a Rp 10 billion tax evasion case, the Ramadha Resort Benoa (Rp 6 billion), the Sandhi Pala Hotel (Rp 4 billion) and the Bali Intercontinental Resort (Rp 3 billion).

“We’ll further investigate [the other hotels] later, as their cases involve smaller amounts of money,” Freddy said.

He added that his office had formed a special team to investigate the cases and had questioned 10 witnesses thus far, including officers from a local revenue agency.

He said no one had been named a suspect yet, but added, “we’re confident that the cases will proceed to court.”

Perry Markus, the secretary to the Bali office of the Indonesian Restaurant and Hotel Association (PHRI), said the PHRI had not yet been notified of the cases.

“We will let [prosecutors] fully handle this problem, and we’re ready to help when needed,” Perry said.