Teens Escape Mob Justice After Sex in Mosque

By webadmin on 05:12 pm Jul 08, 2011
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Jakarta Globe

Two West Sulawesi teenagers narrowly avoided a beating at the hands of an angry mob after being discovered having sex in a mosque on Thursday.

The two teens were caught half-naked in the toilet of a mosque in the Wonomulyo area of Polewali Mandar district.

News of the incident quickly spread among locals and within minutes hundreds of angry residents descended on the mosque, according to Kompas.com.

The teens were taken into custody by Wonomulyo Police for their own safety until their parents picked them up.

Their identities were not released, but they are allegedly known as graduates of a famous religious school in the district.

“For people who understand religion, they shouldn’t have done that, especially in the mosque. They have desecrated the mosque,” Salim, the neighborhood head, told Kompas.