Tantrums Enable Smoking, Coffee-Swilling Indonesian Toddler

By webadmin on 08:22 pm Nov 30, 2012
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Jakarta Globe

A two-year-old in Palembang has developed the very adult habits of smoking and drinking coffee, with the childlike tendency to throw tantrums if his mother refuses to accommodate his stimulant craving.

The toddler picked up smoking two months ago, presumably learning how to take drags from family members, including his mother, who are smokers.

According to tribunnews.com, when he first wanted to smoke he would give a cigarette and lighter to his mother Eva Herlina to light, saying — with a pronunciation befitting his two years — “icip okok,” meaning “taste cigarette.”

Eva several times tried to deny the child, but he would become upset, slamming furniture and crying while persisting in his quest for nicotine. His mother’s efforts to hide the cigarettes proved futile.

She also tried to substitute cigarette butts for unsmoked cigarettes, but apparently wise to the difference, the boy would throw them away.

Not yet at the pack-a-day echelon, the toddler reportedly smokes up to eight cigarettes a day.

“He’ll behave like that if we refuse to give him cigarettes; he will be upset and only return to silence if given a cigarette,” Eva said. “He started smoking two months ago, no one taught him.”
Eva said she did not know how he first learned to smoke, but speculated that actively smoking family members may have been his inspiration.

“The coffee drinking habit also started at the same time he started smoking,” Eva said, as quoted by Mediaindonesia.com.
The head of Palembang’s health agency, Gema Asiani, told Mediaindonesia.com that he had not heard about the child, but said that if the reports were true, he lamented his parents’ failure to educate him on smoking’s detrimental health effects.