Surabaya Rejects More Roads in Favor of Mass Transit

By webadmin on 12:32 pm Jul 12, 2012
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Surabaya’s Mayor said the municipality will begin construction of several mass transportation projects, including a tramway and  monorail, beginning in 2013.

At a recent transportation seminar in Surabaya, Mayor Tri Rismaharini said the two projects will be built parallel to the the North-South Axis tramway corridor service and the monorail serving the East-West axis.

“I have already spoken with experts from the Cities Development Initiative for Asia [CDIA],” Tri said. “They said the feasibility study will take a long time — but I said the length of time should be shortened while still maintaining quality.”

The mayor said the municipality is planning to complete both the feasibility studies and the engineering designs for both mass transportation lines this year with the assistance of CDIA and the World Bank.

Tri also said that Surabaya has no need for toll roads at the city’s center, as the current road network was sufficient and additional mass transit would help alleviate the traffic burden.

She pointed to Seoul, which has eliminated its inner city toll roads, according to Tri.

Also commenting at the transportation seminar, Suh Chung-ha, the ambassador for international relations of the Seoul metropolitan government, said inner city toll roads “clearly added to the volume of waste gases.”

Kim Gyeng-chul, the president of the Korea Transportation Institute who was also at the seminar, said that the best solution for most cities was mass transportation, and not more road networks.

Kim also said that besides mass transportation, city authorities also needed to reduce the use of private vehicles through parking policies regulations and higher fuel prices.

“The presence of toll roads in inner cities results in high gas emmissions; the impacts [of these emmissions] are many, including lung cancer,” Kim was quoted by Antara as saying. He said that the elimination of the inner city toll roads took two years to prepare and 2.5 years to complete.

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