Sundanese Lakeside Dining in Bintaro

By webadmin on 06:31 pm Oct 06, 2011
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Looking for a place with great food and an atmosphere to match, I visited Talaga Sampireun last weekend. I had heard good things about the restaurant, so I thought I’d give it a try.

Located in Bintaro, Tangerang, Talaga Sampireun claims to be a different kind of Sundanese restaurant.

Arriving at the restaurant, my friends and I were amazed by the size of the place. Sitting on almost 1.2 hectares of land, Talaga Sampireun is much bigger than most Sundanese restaurants in the capital.

Opened in March this year, Talaga Sampireun offers a long list of Sundanese dishes, specializing in favorites such as fried carp, or gurame.

The gurame didn’t disappoint — it was both tasty and crispy, just perfect for lunch. In addition to the fish, we also ordered a range of other seafood dishes, including squid, crab and shrimp. All of the dishes were exceptional, but the squid was definitely the standout.

Hungry for more, we went for a second round of orders. After a recommendation from the waiter, we sampled the grilled gurame and Sundanese fried chicken.

Accompanied by sambal cobek, a spicy Sundanese chili sauce, the grilled gurame was slightly better than the fried one. But the chicken, which was served with fresh vegetables, was just average.

Like in other Sundanese restaurants, the hot rice was served wrapped in banana leaves. It was the best accompaniment for the Sundanese dishes. For people watching their diet, the restaurant also serves brown rice.

And of course, we ordered tempeh and tofu to go with the main dishes. For those who love chili sauces, the restaurant features a variety of Sundanese sauces ranging from mild to super hot.

There are also a number of fresh vegetable dishes, a trademark of West Java cuisine. As for drinks, Talaga Sampireun has all the usual suspects, including orange juice and fresh coconut.

After our satisfying meal, it was surprising to discover that the desserts were the real stars. We ordered Talaga Sampireun’s specialty, fried tape (fermented cassava), a traditional Indonesian snack, because it was recommended to us by a friend who had eaten at the restaurant the day before. The tape was cooked with flour and was both sweet and salty. It tasted even better when eaten with the shredded cheese that covered the dish.

Besides the fried tape, the fried bananas, also served with cheese, didn’t disappoint either.

Despite being a fair trek from the center of the city, Talaga Sampireun is always packed. On weekdays, the restaurant is filled with employees who work close by. But on the weekend, it is a popular destination for families.

People don’t come to Talaga Sampireun just to enjoy the food. Most customers also come to soak in the ambience. Without a doubt, Talaga Sampireun is a well-designed restaurant, with its dining area surrounded by a beautiful lake.

For those who want to bring their children, the lake, filled with Japanese koi fish, can be great entertainment. Fish food is provided for those who want to feed in addition to being fed.

Besides the lake, Talaga Sampireun also has a children’s playground, another reason why the restaurant is a great getaway for families.

With its tranquil surroundings and impressive menu, Talaga Sampireun offers customers the unforgettable experience of eating delicious Sundanese dishes in a village atmosphere.

Talaga Sampireun
Lingkar CBD Blok N1
Sektor 7 Bintaro
Tel: 021 985 33322