Sumatran Rhino Pregnancy Creates Hope in Indonesia

By webadmin on 09:27 am Feb 09, 2012
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Jakarta Globe

Sumatra. Ratu, a seven-year-old Sumatran rhino, has captured the attention of scientists from around the world. As one of approximately 200 wild Sumatran rhinos left in the world, her pregnancy is being closely monitored.

At 11 months pregnant, with a gestation period of 15 to 16 months, scientists are hopeful another member can be added to the family of dwindling Sumatran rhinos.

“We’ve got fingers crossed that everything will continue to go well and that Ratu will deliver a healthy baby sometime in late spring or early summer,” said Susie Ellis, executive director of the International Rhino Foundation in a press release.

“This is truly a dedicated team effort, not just with regard to managing a critical pregnancy, but also in terms of the round-the-clock effort to protect Indonesia’s last remaining wild Sumatran rhinos.”

Ratu’s last two pregnancies failed in the early months. With help from American scientists, a daily hormone supplement was prescribed and is being given to Ratu at the Sumatran Rhino Sanctuary in Way Kambas National Park.