Sukarno Funds Reportedly Turn Up in Italian Underworld

By webadmin on 05:49 pm Oct 09, 2009
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Jakarta Globe

Could this be the long-rumored revolution fund, Dana Revolusi?

Italian news portal is reporting that Italian authorities have arrested
two underworld figures caught in possession of a 1961 certificate of
deposit worth $870 million made payable to the late President Sukarno.

today’s terms, according to the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis
consumer price index calculator, the CD is worth more than $6.2

Il Sole 24 reported on Wednesday that the
Guardia di Finanza, a police force under the authority of the Italian
minister of economy and finance, was investigating the origins of the
Credit Suisse certificate and how it found its way into the hands of
two reputed members of the Ndrangheta crime syndicate.

The men
were detained in the municipality of Rosarno, Reggio Calabria province,
on Sept. 29 and have been charged with money laundering.

Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman Teuku Faizasyah told the Jakarta Globe that the ministry was unaware of these developments but would look into the matter.

Indonesia’s founding president who ruled from 1945 until he was ousted
by strongman Suharto in 1967, died in 1970. He is remembered fondly for
guiding Indonesia to independence, but his legacy remains mixed.

Dana Revolusi, said to be worth billions of dollars, disappeared after
Sukarno was deposed. Over the decades several fruitless attempts were
made to trace the funds, and various documents supposedly connected to
the money have surfaced, but all have been proven fraudulent.

Sole, a respected Italian business daily, reported that a court in
Reggio Calabria, with the assistance of a “special police tax unit” of
Guardia di Finanza from Milan and Palermo in Sicily, was attempting to
trace the origins of the certificate.

Albert Reda, provincial
commander of the Guardia di Finanza in Reggio Calabria, was quoted as
saying that “ample documentation” had been found, but that the
investigation was still ongoing.