Stranded Whale Shark Dies on Java Beach

By webadmin on 09:09 pm Aug 02, 2012
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Yogyakarta. A 3-ton whale shark has died after it was stranded at a beach on Java.

Local conservationist Dessy Zahara Angelina says the 13-meter shark washed ashore late on Wednesday on Pandansimo beach in Yogyakarta province. She says the huge fish, a protected species, was too weak to survive despite rescue efforts, and it died hours later.

On Saturday, rescuers managed to return a stranded sperm whale to the sea in West Java after it spent four days trapped on Karawang beach. But the animal was found dead hours later. The rescue had been hampered by hundreds of onlookers in fishing boats that blocked rescuers from leading the animal to deeper waters.

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