‘Stinky’ House Toilets Flushed Away

By webadmin on 03:20 pm Jan 03, 2012
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The Jakarta Globe

Indonesian lawmakers will get a present when they return to work on Jan. 10: new toilets.

The House secretary general spokesman, Jaka Winarko, said on Tuesday that the House allocated Rp 2 billion ($218,000) to renovate toilets in the 24 story-building.

“Every level has four toilets,” Jaka said on Tuesday as quoted by detik.com. “We will check which toilets need to be renovated.”

Jaka said the Rp 2 billion budget might still change. If many toilets need renovation, the House will increase the budget.

Saleh Husin, a lawmaker from the People’s Conscience Party, said lawmakers requested that the House secretary general have the toilets renovated because they are stinky and in bad working condition.

“There should not be any stinky toilets,” he said.