South Jakarta’s First Bike Lane to Be Ready Next Month

By webadmin on 08:37 pm Apr 26, 2011
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Dofa Fasila

South Jakarta will have its first ever bicycle lane by the end of May — though it runs a mere 1.5 kilometers. 

South Jakarta Mayor Syahrul Effendi said on Tuesday that a gubernatorial decree would be issued to provide the legal umbrella for the lane, which will run from the Ayodya Park to the Melawai commercial area.

“The physical work for the lane is not yet completed,” he said, adding that about 40 percent of the work had already been done.

“It’s been a bit slow because we have to work in the evenings so as not to hinder traffic during the day. What is important is that this lane would be inaugurated in May and can be used for cycling.”
The mayor said the construction of the Rp 500 million, 1.6-meter wide bike lane was being financed by funds raised by the Indonesian Bicycling Committee.
Syahrul added that they would work to develop more bicycle lanes and try to have them interconnected.

Bike lanes, he said, were part of the city’s regional zoning plan for 2010-2030.

he head of the South Jakarta zoning office, Gamal Sinurat, said they were looking at putting bicycle lanes under elevated highways, including under the Antasari-Blok M elevated highway and along the parts of the Eastern Flood Canal that runs through the municipality.

Biking enthusiasts and advocates have long campaigned for the creation of dedicated bicycle lanes in Jakarta. Toto Sugito, chairm an of Jakarta’s Bike to Work (B2W) cycling community, says the administration lacked the political will to make the city friendlier for those not using motor vehicles.