Some Experts Say Indonesia’s Blackberry Service Is Declining

By webadmin on 01:19 pm May 22, 2012
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As Indonesia’s demand for Blackberry mobile phones continues to grow, the quality of service seems to by moving in the opposite direction, according to industry analysts.

Telecommunication expert Herry Setiadi Wibowo said that ever since he started using Blackberry in 2005, the service has been declining.

“Blackberry’s are getting slow,” Herry told Investor Daily on Monday. “When I first used it in 2005, it was still good through 2009. But now, it is totally bad.”

The declining quality is not just during peak hours, Herry said, but all day long. “If it weren’t for the Blackberry Messengers feature, I would not use Blackberry any longer,” he said. “When it’s used for browsing, [the connection] is often interrupted.”

Muhammad Jumadi, the secretary general of Indonesia Telecommunications Users Group, echoed Herry’s unfavorable sentiment.

“I have used Blackberry since 2008, and it was good,” Jumadi said. “But lately, the Blackberry messenger often fails. Operator and RIM [Research in Motion] should not just ignore this problem.” 

Jumadi said because Indonesia is a big market for RIM, the declining quality of service might be solved if RIM agreed to build a server in Indonesia.

Blackberry operators could not definitively speak to the causes of the slow connection, and said that several factors were involved, including the nuances of individual handsets, the operator network and traffic linked to RIM.

Head of Corporate Communications Group of Telkomsel Ricardo Indra said that the slow connection might also happen during infrastructure maintenance.

Turina Farouk, the vice president of corporate communications for XL Axiata, was also unable to explain the complaints of slow service.

“It is not related to the cheap Blackberry rate promotion,” Turina said. “XL will keep on adjusting the capacity to the need of the customer to ensure customer satisfaction in using Blackberry’s service.”

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