Soldiers of Fortune: Indonesia’s Tax Collectors to Wage War on Graft

By webadmin on 04:34 pm Jun 19, 2012
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Manado. Tax scofflaws be warned, Indonesia’s tax collectors will soon pack a punch.

The Finance Ministry’s tax collectors will complete a three-week paramilitary training course in an effort to stamp out corruption in the notoriously graft-ridden ministry, Fuad Rahmany, head of the tax office, said in Manado on Tuesday. The training will hopefully instill a sense of national pride in the tax office’s 32,000 civil servants, Fuad said.

“We’ll cooperate with the presidential security force to organize a basic state defense training for three weeks in a military training center. It is meant to develop love for the nation and for the state,” Fuad said.

The ministry has also established a partnership with the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK), police departments and prosecutors’ offices across Indonesian as part of an effort to crackdown on corrupt tax collectors, Fuad said.

He hopes the partnerships and defense training will have an impact on civil servants.

“I cannot guarantee that all tax officers will be angels,” Fuad said. “But, basically, we try to educate them here about integrity, that that they’re not allowed to accept bribes, that they’re not allowed to extort or cause difficulties to taxpayers.”

Fuad said that the tax office was improving after the establishment of the directorate of internal obedience four years ago.