SOE Minister Denies Nazaruddin Graft Allegations

By webadmin on 05:35 pm Jan 19, 2012
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Arientha Primanita

Dahlan Iskan, the minister of state-owned enterprises, said on Thursday that he had not received kickbacks linked to projects at state electricity provider Perusahaan Listrik Negara while he was serving as the utility’s director.

The allegations were voiced on Wednesday by high-profile graft suspect Muhammad Nazaruddin during his trial at the Anti-Corruption Court in Jakarta.

Nazaruddin alleged that Dahlan had received “fees” for two PLN power plant projects, but declined to go into further detail.

The former Democratic Party treasurer has made a habit of naming government officials

Dahlan joked with reporters on Thursday, telling them that he had no knowledge of the alleged fees or even which projects Nazaruddin was referring to, but that if the reporters found the money, he would gladly split it with them.

“Try to find [the money] if it is real, and you can have it,” Dahlan said. “I haven’t received it. Maybe it is still lost around [Nazaruddin], so we can share it [if it is found].

“If the amount is big, I will ask for it, rather than being accused of receiving money that I never got to enjoy,” he said while laughing.

Since being installed as minister in October 2011, Dahlan has railed against what he says is poor management at state enterprises, leading to graft and corruption.

In December of last year, Iskan threatened to sack the heads of state corporations if they were found to have engaged in “political intervention.”