Smile, You’re on Yoko Ono’s New Smartphone App

By webadmin on 12:14 pm Jun 27, 2012
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In the 1960s Yoko Ono set out to create a film that would include the smiling face of every person in the world. Now, nearly five decades later, the project has come to life as an app.

#smilesfilm, a new iPhone app, is the digital manifestation of Ono’s long-envisioned project. The app allows people around the world to view and upload snapshots of smiling faces.

It is also part of a global piece of her artwork, a changing collection of photos which reflect Ono’s original vision of connecting people across the world in artwork.

“It is the simplest thing to make yourself healthy and make others feel good,” the artist, peace activist and the widow of John Lennon, said about smiling.

The app features three sections — dream, watch and smile. Since June 1 more than 3,300 photos have been added to the app, which is also available online via a website.