Slipping Into Japan’s Maaya Footwear

By webadmin on 03:37 pm Feb 17, 2013
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Katrin Figge

Marilyn Monroe once said “Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.”

It is no secret that millions of women are obsessed with shoes, many of whom are willing to spend a whole fortune on them. Whether it is to conquer the world or to simply look good, shoes are something many women can relate to.

Indonesian women now have a reason to rejoice as they are spoiled for more shoe options with the first Japanese brand Maaya store opening.

Located in Living World mall in Serpong, the Maaya store is managed by Imelda Budiman.

“Maaya are everyday shoes from Japan,” Imelda said. “We were introduced to the brand by one of our partners who has been staying in Tokyo for quite some time. We then opened a store here in Indonesia as we see a great potential for Maaya’s shoe designs that will meet the market demand for comfortable yet stylish shoes.”

Maaya’s philosophy is to provide everyday shoes that will give an added value to the overall appearance of women, without being too tough on the wallet, Imelda explained.

The shop provide a collection that is colorful and versatile. The majority are high heeled shoes, but there are also flats, ankle boots and classic evening shoes featured in the range.

Each pair comes in two different colors and carries a Japanese name. The green tea sakura flats stand next to the Fuji wedges made of denim, which can be found along side the apricot-colored keshi pumps.

“We seasonally add new shoes to our collection, to keep them fresh and up to date with the current style,” Imelda said.

The shoe designs look elegant and trendy, yet not over the top.

“It is the Japanese design that is simple but pays a lot of attention to detail,” Imelda explained.

Due to the fact that Maaya offers various styles, the customers who come to the store range in age. Maaya’s main target group, however, Imelda said, are women who are aged between 25 and 40.

For those too lazy to go all the way to Serpong to do a spot of shoe shopping, Maaya’s e-boutique is just one click away.

“Here, our customers can enjoy the benefits of shopping from their home or workplace,” Imelda said. “We will deliver the shoes directly to our customers’ doors.”

Imelda is confident that Maaya, already established in Japan, will have no problem taking Indonesia’s shoe market by storm as well.

“We really see potential to be successful in Indonesia as our designs are different from others,” she said.
Maaya store

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