‘Slanderer’ Arrested for Zumi Zola Adultery Accusation

By webadmin on 09:17 am Feb 09, 2012
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The South Jakarta Police arrested a man late on Tuesday for slander and assault after he accused actor-turned-district head Zumi Zola of having an affair with his wife.

Bernaldi “Aldi” Djemat had reported Zumi, the district head of East Tanjung Jabung in Jambi, for adultery and sending “dirty” text messages to his wife, Peni Fernita Saputri.

However, Zumi had already reported Aldi for slander in October, before Aldi even officially lodged his complaint with police.

“It is strange [that Aldi] has been named a suspect now because police have never questioned him before this,” Aldi’s lawyer Humphrey Djemat said at the South Jakarta Police station after his client was arrested late on Tuesday. “Peni’s assistant reported him [for assault] in October 2011, but the report was never investigated.”

Aldi underwent hours of questioning on Tuesday afternoon.

Humphrey threatened to reveal compromising pictures of Zumi and Aldi’s wife to the public. Some of the pictures, he said, were taken by Peni’s cellphone while others were sent to her by Zumi.

The lawyer said that included among the images were naked pictures of Peni.

“There are around 100 pictures, but there are 30 which are really disgusting,” he said.

Humphrey said that he had shown the pictures to the Jakarta Police chief Insp. Gen. Untung S. Rajab.

“He told us to settle the case out of court and we said no,” Humphrey said. “Next thing you know, Aldi is arrested.”

Aldi said that he had first learned about his wife’s alleged affair with the former actor in September.

“I saw my wife acting suspiciously. I asked her, ‘Who are you texting?’ ” he said. “I then grabbed her BlackBerry and she tried to delete [the conversation]. But then Zumi Zola replied, saying inappropriate words.”

Humphrey said Zumi’s father, former Jambi governor Zulkifli Nurdin, came to Jakarta Police headquarters on Monday.

“I don’t know what was being discussed,” the lawer said. “How can a husband whose wife has been violated be sent to jail?”