Singaporean Woman Fined For Indonesian Maid’s Deadly Fall

By webadmin on 05:51 pm May 03, 2012
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A Singaporean woman was fined 5,000 Singaporean dollars ($4,000) after an Indonesian maid fell to her death while cleaning the woman’s windows.

Gan Hui Leung, 46, pleaded guilty to creating an unsafe work environment on Thursday after 24-year-old Siti Ustima fell from her employer’s fifth-floor apartment on Nov. 11, according to the Singaporean news site

Siti was reportedly seen standing on a chair and cleaning the living room windows before her fall.

Gan’s lawyer said that although his client had not told Siti to clean the outside of her apartment’s windows, Gan still “accepts full responsibility [for the incident] and is deeply remorseful.”

The prosecution stressed that although Gan hadn’t told Siti to clean the windows, she never told her not to engage in the risky practice.

Gan faced up to six months in jail, and $4,000 in fines.

The prosecution urged the judge to levy the maximum fine against Gan to send a message to other employers of foreign maids.

Eight Indonesian maids have fallen to their deaths while working in Singapore this year alone. Of these deaths, five maids fell while cleaning windows.

Last year, four Indonesian maids fell to their death.

Singaporean authorities banned maids from cleaning outside windows or hanging laundry from high-rise buildings. That regulation will be part of all new contracts signed before Indonesian maids can work in Singapore.