SHY Rooftop Manager Named as Suspect for Disposing of Evidence

By webadmin on 04:26 pm Nov 30, 2011
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Zaky Pawas

South Jakarta police announced today that the manager of SHY Rooftop Bar in Kemang was named a suspect for disposing of evidence in the fatal stabbing of 17-year-old Raafi Aga Winasya.

The manager, known by the initial of H, was named a suspect for allegedly trying to dispose of evidence at SHY Rooftop Bar, the location of the stabbing. H instructed a cleaning service to clean and remove blood from the dance floor.

“He was named a suspect two days ago,” Jakarta police spokesman Sr. Comr. Baharuddin Djafar said on Wednesday.

Police charged him with trying to prevent police work and losing evidence.

Although H was named a suspect, H was not arrested because the sentence would not be higher than five years.

“South Jakarta police have completed the dossier,” he said. “But because the maximum sentence is nine months, police did not detain him.”

H has to report to police twice a week, on Tuesday and Thursday, to ensure he does not flee Jakarta.

Last week police arrested three suspects who were allegedly involved in the brawl that led to the death of Raafi. The three will likely be charged under the Criminal Code article on mob violence, which carries a maximum prison sentence of 12 years.