Seven Summits Squad Set to Scale Its Last Remaining Peak

By webadmin on 10:45 pm Jan 20, 2012
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Ami Afriatni

The Seven Summit Expedition Team has cast its eye on conquering Mount Everest as it looks to completing its expedition.

The team from Indonesia’s oldest outdoor activity organization, Wanadri, has called Everest, the last destination on its list, its most challenging obstacle to date.

“This is going to be our hardest ascent. The amount of time expected to finish this climb is a long 40 to 50 days. The extreme weather will be a heavy challenge,” team leader Ardeshir Yaftebbi said on Friday.

The team previously conquered Antarctica’s Vinson Massif on Jan. 6. The Vinson Massif was the sixth mountain on the team’s list of the highest peaks on all seven continents.

Everest is the world’s highest point at 8,848 meters.

“We will start preparation to climb Sagarmatha immediately,” Ardeshir said, referring to Everest by its Nepali name.

He said the Everest ascent would be the first time the team had to use oxygen tanks. The team plans to begin using oxygen tanks at 7,000 kilometers.

The expedition is scheduled to begin in April, with the team expected to reach the summit by June. Prior to that, it will carry out simulated climbs at Mount Rinjani in Lombok and Mount Carstensz in Papua.

Five of the six-member team took nine days to climb the Vinson Massif after arriving at the Branscom Glacier base camp on Dec. 29. Gina Afriani was the only member not to make the trip.

Extreme weather delayed the team at its high camp for an extra day, but otherwise Ardeshir called the experience “quite friendly.”

“The most extreme weather we faced was only minus 30 degrees Celsius,” he said.

Ardeshir and fellow climbers Nurhuda and Iwan Irawan arrived back in Indonesia on Wednesday, while Fajri Al Luthfi and Martin Rimbawan arrived the next day.

The team began its journey with an ascent of Carstensz Pyramid in Papua in April 2010. Since then, it has conquered Tanzania’s Kilimanjaro, Mt. Elbrus in Russia, Aconcagua in Argentina and Mt. McKinley in Alaska.