Seven Don Bosco Students Named as Suspects in Alleged Jakarta School Bullying

By webadmin on 05:53 pm Aug 01, 2012
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Bayu Marhaenjati

Police named seven students of Seruni Don Bosco Senior High School (SMA Seruni Don Bosco) as suspects in a case of alleged bullying against several younger students.

Jakarta Police spokesman Sr. Comr. Rikwanto identified the seven students are seniors, and said police had yet to decide whether they would place the students in a detention center, or require them to report regularly to police as part of their punishment.

The seven suspects are identified only with their initials. Police have questioned a total of nine students in the case, but two were released.

“That was the first time they bullied anyone; they did it outside the school, and outside the student orientation program organized by the school,” Rikwanto said in Jakarta on Wednesday.

The issue of where the bullying took place was especially contentious. If the bullying was perpetrated on school grounds, or during an orientation as had been alleged, Don Bosco high school might have been subject to sanctions, according to a statement from Governor Fauzi Bowo.

Fauzi said based on the findings, he would mull the appropriate sanction for both the school and the students alleged to have committed the violence.

The naming of the suspects followed a report made by a new Don Bosco student, identified only as 15 year-old A. S., who said that he and three of his peers were hit and burned with lit cigarettes by 18 senior students during a school orientation.

“It did not happen during school orientation,” Gerardus Gantur, the school’s deputy headmaster, said recently. “It took place afterward, on July 24.”

Rikwanto explained that the seven suspects threatened the victims with knives, beat and kicked them, burned them with lit cigarettes and forced them to drink beer. Rikwanto said the school might also impose sanctions on the students had are been found guilty of the bullying.

“As to what the sanctions are, the school will decide,” he said.