Senior Ahmadi Leader Sentenced to 6 Months Imprisonment

By webadmin on 01:24 pm Aug 15, 2011
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Heru Andriyanto

A senior Amadiyah member was sentenced to six months imprisonment at the Serang District Court on Monday in relation to the violent mob attack that killed three other members of the minority sect on February 6.

Deden was convicted of inciting violence, obstruction of justice and disobedience after he refused police orders to evacuate when a group of Ahmadis were besieged by an angry mob at a home in Ciekusik, Banten.

He was among 20 Ahmadis who came to protect the home of an Ahmadiyah leader in Cikeusik, following rumors that locals wanted to forcibly disband the sect in the area.

The brutal attack involving about 1,500 hard-liners from surrounding villages left three Ahmadis dead and five, including Deden, seriously injured.

The Serang District Court found Deden guilty of a violent attack on Idris bin Madanim, one of the protestors, but it cleared him from the more serious charge of inciting hatred.

“We have considered the defendant is also a victim in the attack. He sustained injuries, his car was burned down. So we have delivered a sentence lower than what the prosecution is asking for,” said presiding judge Sumartono.

In response Deden told the court, his sentence could set a bad precedence.

“I, a victim, am sentenced because of political pressures.”