School Stabbing Victim’s Father Wants Maximum Penalty

By webadmin on 08:53 am Oct 02, 2012
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Bayu Marhaenjati

Tauri Yusianto, the father of Alawy Yusianto Putra, the student who was killed in last week’s fight between rival schools, wants the suspect in the case to be sentenced to death or serve the rest of his life in prison.

“Give him the maximum sentence, the death sentence if possible,” Tauri said at the South Jakarta district police station. “He should at least serve a lifetime because he took my son’s life.”

Tauri, who was at the police station with his attorney Ramdan Alamsyah, said that he wanted to know the progress of the investigation into his son’s death.

“We came here to see the investigators and to see the progress of the legal process,” said Tauri.

“The victim’s family wants to know the progress of the investigation so I’m here to accompany them and to make sure that the investigation is going well and remains on track,” Ramdan said.

Tauri said that his son was never involved in any fight and that his interest was in music.

“Since junior high school he was never engaged in any fights,” Tauri said. “He played music. He was in a band as the drummer. He joined a group for Arabic music [Marawis] when he was in elementary school.”

Alawy told his father that he was looking for friends who could join his band, and that he never said anything about anyone asking him to take part in a fight.

The victim’s family hopes that the investigation process can run optimally and thoroughly.

“We’ve met with one of the investigators and he told us that the process was ongoing,” Ramdan said. “Witnesses from State High School [SMU] 70 are being questioned. We hope the investigation can run smoothly and in accordance with the law.

“We support the police to solve the case thoroughly, transparently and objectively.”

Ramdan said that he will continue to monitor the case and wait for the investigation report.

“We are waiting for the investigation report, and we’ll wait again tomorrow,” he added. “We want to see what [the report] is like. The extended family has also asked the investigators to uphold justice.”

While in the police station, Tauri was given the opportunity to meet with the suspect, but he declined.

“I was allowed to see him, but I don’t know if I could control myself if I saw him,” Tauri said. “I don’t know if I could control my anger or not. I’m actually curious. So far, I’ve only seen his photo or I’ve seen him on TV.”

The suspect’s family is planning to meet with Tauri’s family to apologize for what happened.

“If there are no obstacles, the family would like to apologize directly to the victim’s family,” Nazarudin Lubis, who is representing the suspect, told on Sunday.

Tauri refused to comment on whether the suspect’s family would apologize.

“[I’m] still unstable,” Tauri said. “[My mood] is still changing. How would you feel if your son died like that?”

Tauri said that he has let go of his son, but he still wanted justice to be served and wants the perpetrator to receive the maximum punishment.

“I have let go because if I don’t, his [soul] will suffer. That’s how it is in Islam,” he said. “But regarding the punishment, we want him to receive maximum punishment.”

Nazarudin said that his client is in a good condition and has admitted his crime to God.

“He is doing fine in detention. He’s more focused on surrendering to God. An Islamic teacher has been sent to give him guidance.”

Nazarudin added that the suspect’s mother was still ready to see her son.

“She was planning to see him on Friday. But she burst out crying when she reached the police station. She’s not mentally ready to see her son,” he said.

On the first day of school since the deadly altercation, students and teachers of SMU 70 lowered the flag to half mast and placed flowers at the location of the fight.

“This is a positive activity and an effort to prevent skirmishes from happening again,” SMU 70 principal Saksono Liliek said. “With the support of the ministry [of education] and the provincial administration, we will try to end all fights.”

Buyung Mardi, the father of the suspect, also attended the school ceremony.

He was unable to say anything when one of the teachers asked him to speak at the podium.

Twelve of 15 students have been questioned by the police, with some being accompanied by their parents.

Alawy was hanging out with a group of fellow SMU 6 students when they were attacked by students from the rival high school. Alawy was stabbed in the attack.