SBY Responds to Complaints About School Fees

By webadmin on 07:49 pm Jul 31, 2012
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Arientha Primanita

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono says the government is boosting funding for students after receiving complaints that its current funding program has been insufficient to cover certain school fees.

The School Operational Aid (BOS) program helps students cover the price of tuition and school fees, but Yudhoyono says people at private and public schools are complaining that they have to pay for some fees out of their own pockets.

“I still receive text messages from various sources about extra fees that should not be charged to students at both private and state schools,” he said at a press conference on Tuesday. “With the increased budget for BOS funds, there should not be any more fees that burden the parents [of students].”

Yudhoyono said the Education and Culture Ministry had informed him that it was increasing BOS funding by 50 percent.

For students at elementary students, the funding has been increased from Rp 397,000 per month to Rp 580,000 per month ($40 to $60), he said, while junior high students will receive Rp 710,000 monthly instead of Rp 570,000.

“We expect that the higher BOS funding can help tackle education problems in the regions,” he said.

He added that the distribution of BOS funds should be supervised with the help of information technology.