Sanctions Await Civil Servants Who Skip Work After Holiday, Fauzi Says

By webadmin on 02:10 pm Aug 20, 2012
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Lenny Tristia Tambun

Five days off for the Idul Fitri holiday is long enough, according to Jakarta Governor Fauzi Bowo, who has promised sanctions for any civil servant who misses work when government offices reopen on Thursday.

“Every year we implement this regulation,” Fauzi said after the Idul Fitri prayer on Sunday. “Civil servants who come late or are absent on the first day of work after the Idul Fitri holiday will be sanctioned with a warning or punishment.”

The lightest sanction would be a warning, he said, while the harshest would be getting fired. Allowances could also be cut, he said.

On the first day back to work, Fauzi will join Jakarta’s human resources agency to inspect offices for attendance.

In 2011, 565 Jakarta civil servants were absent on the first day back after the holiday. While only 9 percent were absent without prior notice, hundreds of people called in sick.

The Jakarta administration conducts inspections after some holidays, including Idul Fitri and New Year.