Ruhut, Andi Ousted from Democratic Party Board

By webadmin on 11:41 am Dec 14, 2012
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Jakarta Globe

The Democratic Party have reshuffled positions in their communication division in a bid to “revitalize the party,” according to the party’s deputy secretary general.

Ruhut Sitompul was removed from his position as the head of the communications and informatics department and Andi Nurpati lost his position as the head of the communication division.

Saan Mustopa, the deputy secretary general of the Democratic Party, told that Ruhut was removed from his position in September when the party submitted the list of board members to the General Election Commission during the verification period.

“This is just a rotation, a replacement to revitalize the party,” Saan said, adding that the changes were to bring a better synergy to the party. “But Ruhut is out of the structure.

“The [previous] board members have been two years [without replacement], we had to remove the impotent part,” Saan said.

Ruhut, an outspoken member of the central board of the party, had previously criticized the chairman Anas Urbaningrum about corruption allegations and had urged him to step down rather than taint the party’s image.

Ruhut accused Anas of being the one who wanted him out.

“Anas has several times asked SBY [President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, head of the party's advisory board] to fire me, but he [SBY] always refused,” Ruhut told on Thursday night.

Ruhut told that he firmly believed the decision would be rejected by Yudhoyono, adding that the party could not discharge him without  his approval.

Gede Pasek is the new head of the communication division. Ruhut’s replacement has not been confirmed.