Rihanna Apologizes to Media Over Catastrophic Plane Tour

By webadmin on 01:51 pm Nov 26, 2012
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Flying in the face of the title of her new album “Unapologetic,” Rihanna has apologized to journalists, after they joined her on a seven-day, seven-country, seven-concert trip that turned out to be a publicity catastrophe.

The tour on a Boeing 777 had begun on an agreeable note, with the 24-year-old R&B star pouring champagne for the press on day one, Nov. 14, en route from Los Angeles to Mexico City, said The Hollywood Reporter.

She soon went into hiding in First Class, however.

The 200-plus journalists and fans did not get to see her much afterwards, except at the seven concerts and in topless photos posted online from her sanctuary in the front section of the private plane.

They had to wait for her a lot, however, according to some accounts by Rolling Stone and MTV Style bloggers.

They often sat for hours waiting for the flight to take off, and would later read on gossip websites she had been shopping for lingerie in Paris, for instance, said MTV Style.

Starved of sleep in Economy Class and frustrated by lack of access to her, some of them started a revolt on day five, Nov. 18, at about 4 a.m., somewhere between Berlin and London.

They screamed and shouted chants such as “save our jobs,” “just one quote” and “we need headlines,” and Australian shock jock Tim Dormer even ran naked through the aisles, said Billboard and MTV Style bloggers, among others.

The pandemonium woke Rihanna and music executives in the front of the airplane, but only the executives stumbled out to see what was going on, said Billboard.

The star did not come out from First Class till day six, Nov. 19, about half an hour before the flight landed at the last stop of the tour, New York, said the Hollywood Reporter.

Offering both an apology and an explanation for her absence, she said: “I know you guys got barely any dirt. But I had to be good.”

She said she was sorry she did not “spend time with everybody”, but added that it was “impossible” to do so.

“Usually I will be partying back here, balls to the wall. But I had to pay attention and take care of my health since I was on the plane all the time.”

But for some, her apology was too little, too late.

Rolling Stone wrote: “This was supposedly Rihanna’s idea to bring the press and fans along, but while on the same plane, you would have thought she didn’t know she was traveling with anyone outside of her team.”

Echoing such sentiments, MTV Style wrote: “The singer is performing grueling back-to-back shows and then staying up late doing appearances, so this trip is surely taxing for her as well, but the fact is that those of us on this plane have absolutely no idea. Rihanna could be as burnt out and exhausted as we are, or she could be completely fine. The fact is we might as well be on totally different planes.”

Reprinted courtesy of The Straits Times